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2020 PA Forest Day and March Break Programs (this blog post was written pre-covid)

2020 PA Forest Day Winter Programs and March Break Nature Connection Program:

Wandering down the trail to identify forest medicine, animal habitats, walking through the wetlands, solo-sit-spots, group-sit-spots, collaborative sensory awareness activities and fireside conversations...

Offering opportunities for children (and adults) to sit upon the lap of mother earth to exercise heightened awareness through tapping into one's innate curiosity of the natural world. Share gratitude with peers and invest time in explorative play in the cedar grove, deepening subtle connections and relationships with forest medicine, foraging with a sense of respectful gratitude and staying warm around the fire while tasting a nourishing tea carried from forest to fireside.

Bring an apple for roasting for tea time!

Restorative communication practices with youth outdoors exercises active listening as children pass the talking piece in opening and closing circles to ensure opportunity for all to exemplify a collaborative, empathetic and respectful listening space to learn from each others' story of the day.

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