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March Break 2019: Revitalizing our Vitals with Nature Connection

Checking in with one's quiet mind and sensory awareness to revitalize the vitals is one way to prepare the mind's mental-scapes so to open curiosity when seeking new discoveries. Nature Connection programming with Laurie Lynn Clark offers participants the time and space on the land to rediscover their deep sense of gratitude and inner listening so to assist one's unique gifts in rising to the surface of one's consciousness. Personally, I feel a need to become a walking sit-spot...The solo-sit-spot activity offers the participant a space for quiet contemplation and interception in nature. I walk out of this daily activity in a peaceful state of homeostasis which I try to uphold and practice the day's events- which is easier said then done.

A feeling of being heard by others in the knowledge sharing circle opens one's inner happiness through sharing empathy. When feeling truly safe in a circle with people in agreement to suspend judgement and actively listen- then one may be more inclined to throw their vulnerabilities into the wind and share from the heart- be heard- connect with others and heal.

Offering students and teachers opportunities to practice Core Routines like the Solo-sit-spot and Knowledge Sharing Circle will assist youth and adults to learn any curriculum strand in the outdoor classroom. Incorporating Core Routines into the daily/weekly schedule will also give way to facilitating mindful activities that enliven students' and teachers' innate curiosity into a self-directed learning process.

Core Routines to embrace in nature throughout the day: Knowledge Sharing Circle. Sensory Awareness Activities. Solo-Sit-Spot. Group-Sit-Spot. Cardinal Direction Awareness. Gratitude sharing.

Solo-spot in a tree

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