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Summer 2018 Program- Nature's Experientialists in the Highlands

The 2018 Highlands Summer Nature Connection Program: We thrived and survived the heat wave with gratitude for the cedar grove's shady offerings to keep us cool...Thank you to all of the parents and children who made this summer program happen!

2018 Summer program in review...

The clay oven project occupied youthful hands in molding layers of clay over a tinder stick bundle throughout the six week summer session. Children molding the clay oven with the clay dug up from the nearby wetlands.

Clay oven project.

occupied hands in clay

Burning out the clay oven's stick bundle

Task: Burning out the Clay oven

With shovels in hand they created a miniature ephemeral wading pool which cooled down all the children as they thrived and survived the drought conditions with mud therapy in bridge and tunnel building...

mud bath therapy to survive the heat wave

Foraging and experimentation with the natural pigments of golden rod, amarynth, nettle, charcoal, white clay followed by drying and taking turns learning how to use the mortar and pestle to grind them up the most efficiently. We also had some natural charcoal and white clay to add to the mix and set to work testing which items from our

morter and pestle -- creating pigment

collection would make the best paints.

morter and pestle...nettle pigment

working with natural pigments

Foraging Cattail to add to the bush bed contruction created a resting space in the shade.

Bush Bed in the shade

team work and cooperative play- foraging cattail for building the bush bed

harvesting cattail for the bush bed

bush bed building with cattail

Our daily snack break...beat the heat with watermelon popsicles and nettle tea.

beating the heat with water melon popsicles and nettle tea

Our morning wanders in the cedar grove and beyond...

climbing the bitter sweet vine

Raspberry pickin'

group sit spots in the cool shade of the cedar grove

Art inspiration in the canopy...

sketching in the tree top studio

Core routines included morning wanders, knowledge sharing and gratitude circles, cardinal direction activities and some down time with relaxing in the hammocks, dancing with hoops and exploring rhythms with musical interludes...

I am very grateful for sharing this fun loving summer program with such a wonderful crew of natural experientialists.

musical improvisation

hoopdance with the wee ones

hangin' and swingin' in the shade

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