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January 2024
Authenticity Circle - 4 Week Session
w/ Sound Immersion & Breath Work

2024 Grief&Sound 5 week Session.jpg

Lean into your grief

Sound Centering  

within a
Group companionship CIRCLE
&/or individual private session. 

promote grounding through somatic awareness 
Being mindful of triggers
actively acknowledge your emotion
every emotion has a place in body and mind 
Pause …

take a breath.

Grief Work

Authenticity Circle Session

January 2024




“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

 - Joseph Campbell


This 5 week Authenticity Session encourages in depth dialogue in 

(1) understanding what authenticity means for you and 

(2) empowering you to live in accordance with your true self. 


Each weekly discussion is followed by a ‘Breath & Sound Immersion Session’ to assist in the integration of our group learning into one’s authentic way being.  


Week 1. Introduction: Get to know the group. Intention Sharing

Discussion: Which of the following statement ring true to you? 

“I always stand by what I believe in,” and “I am true to myself in most situations”. Do you feel alienated from the self? - “I feel out of touch with the ‘real me’.


WEEK 2. We can find authenticity in action, in the dynamism of life.

Discussion: How many times have you caught yourself in the mirror, or staring somewhere, thinking about yourself, about your life?


WEEK 3. Authenticity is the natural expression of your being.

Discussion: Here’s the truth: authenticity is not something we must go anywhere for. It’s not something we must do in order to find. You just have to stop doing things so much.


Week 4.  To find your true self you cannot exclude any part of your being.

 Discussion: This is where a lot of people struggle. If you really want to live an authentic life, you must equally come from an authentic place of being.


WEEK 5 . You must be brave enough to open doors.

Discussion: Authenticity requires you to be brave enough to open the door, face all the forbidden and forgotten aspects of yourself and embrace it.


NOTE - It is important to note that each 1.5 hour weekly session will offer a Breath & Sound Immersion Session to hold space for restful interception and integration of what we are learning together. 


Grief & Gratitude as Co-Creators.jpg

Death Doula's Grief Ceremony with Conscious Dying Institute/ Ottawa:  Laurie accompanies a Death Doulas' Grief ceremony. 2018

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